18 Areas Raided in Ohio Gambling Ring Bust

18 Areas Raided in Ohio Gambling Ring Bust

Martin Sarcyk was arrested once more as part of a gambling raid that targeted 18 locations in Ohio. (Image:Scripps Media)

If at first you don’t succeed, take to, try once again. It’s sound advice for many pursuits you may possibly try to complete that you experienced nevertheless when it comes to running an illegal gambling company, possibly one effort is actually sufficient.

That may be the case for starters man who has been arrested during a large gambling breasts in Northeast Ohio. Martin Sarcyk ended up being arrested and faces a number of charges related to his link with wide range of illegal gambling locations a total of 18 of that have been raided as being a part of the multi-agency procedure.

For Sarcyk, being linked to gambling investigations is nothing brand new. Simply a 12 months ago, he received per year of probation in link with a sweepstakes café case. Now, the owner of Union Vending has been indicted by the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury on counts of gambling, money possession and laundering of criminal tools.

According to reports, 15 search warrants led to raids in the 18 locations, with Sarcyk being arrested at certainly one of the raids at the Cleveland location of his company.

‘The search warrants offered today should send a clear message to those attempting to bypass the law that unlawful gambling will never be tolerated,’ said Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Sarcyk had been said to be connected to some o (more…)