Finishing putty: the subtleties of Choice and use

Finishing putty can itself be the last decorative finish.

Its immediate purpose is:

  • Improving the standard of the working surface after the prior rougher treatment and preparing it to additional finishing;
  • Giving the surface an aesthetic appearance, uniform coloration.
  • “Knauf-Multifinish glue” ready-made polymer filler 20kg

    KNAUF-Multi-finish paste is a ready-made filler mixture according to polymer dispersion with mineral limestone additives and additives which govern the properties of this mix.

    It is used indoors for:

    • Puttying the joints involving KNAUF-sheets using a thinned edge (UC) and also a straight cut border, together with reinforcing tape;
    • Finishing puttying the joints and surface of KNAUF-sheets, inserted with the mix KNAUF-Fugenfuller or KNAUF-Uniflot, at the preparation of the surface to get high quality painting;

    KNAUF-Multi-finish paste shouldn’t be used for sealing joints between hip sound absorbing gypsum boards.


    • Does not need mixing and aging;
    • comes with an elastic consistency;
    • fills the joints well;
    • dries fast;
    • can be easily sanded;
    • has a fantastic adhesion to the substrate;
    • has a high amount of whiteness following drying.

    Material consumption

    Consumption of the filler mix is:

    • After sealing the joints of KNAUF-sheets using a thin edge of this AC ~ 0.30-0.35 kg/m2
    • at complete puttying of the surface with 1 Millimeter coating depth ~ 1.7 kg/m2

    Procedure of works

    The warmth of the base and the space air has to be 10°C.

    KNAUF-boards must be securely assembled on the load-bearing frame, be sterile, warm and dust-free. Puttying the joints of KNAUF-boards ought to be reached in the operational temperature and humidity conditions, after all work associated with its changes, which excludes linear deformations of all gypsum board sheets.

    Plaster and concrete bases must be even, dry, cleaned of dust, dirt and delamination. Large irregularities or damages have to be emptied with KNAUF-Fugenfüller compound and dried.