Don’t make presumptions on the part of other individuals

Don’t make presumptions on the part of other individuals

It could sometimes be tempting to talk when it comes to other folks in your relationship, or even to make presumptions with the person.

Often, this occurs away from simple miscalculation. Often, it is a subconscious want to avoid taking responsibility for one thing (it may be more straightforward to state “Well, I’d love to date you, but my other partner seems uncomfortable” rather than you but I don’t want to talk about why”)“ I feel uncomfortable about dating. Often, it could be wishful thinking (“Oh, sure, my other partner is likely to be fine in what we’re doing, no problem!”).

Regardless of the main reason, when you get speaking for, or assumptions that are making behalf of, some other person… watch out.

Don’t check out your relationships to supply you validation

It appears in my opinion as if our culture usually appears to relationships to determine a person’s worth. People that are solitary are occasionally viewed as being less legitimate as humans than folks who are married, and so forth. (more…)