How come right women choose lesbian porn?

How come right women choose lesbian porn?

I am perhaps not homosexual, but my porn preferences are very nearly solely lesbian. And I’m not by yourself.

This informative article contains material that is sexually explicit.

At this stage in 2015, we’ve just about thoroughly debunked the myth that straight women don’t view porn. What sort of porn we’re really viewing, but, continues to be quite definitely a open concern. A bit of research states ladies choose narrative-driven, female-friendly content. Based on other studies, we flick our beans towards the same hardcore intercourse scenes dudes look for on tube internet web web sites.

Pornhub Insights recently crunched the figures for the year-end review. Findings recommend right women don’t enjoy watching female-driven porn or hardcore porn, almost the maximum amount of because they enjoy watching women obtain it on along with other women: