Concerning the police…

Concerning the police…

In your supper discussion, you stated, “Police can monitor every thing you. You do on the internet and that can monitor”

Taken at face value, that sounds a small paranoid, and I also desire to deal with that.

Literally, it is true. They could.

Possibly in certain nations and jurisdictions, they are doing.

However in all the global globe, they don’t. The police can’t just “monitor everything you do” on a whim in most countries. They have to get yourself a court warrant or order very first. Just then can they compel the ISP or other services to deliver the monitoring information.

The authorities have better, more essential things to do due to their not a lot of resources than monitor us. As I’ve said several times, we’re just not too interesting.

Well, we’re not that interesting to the authorities.

Exactly exactly just How interesting you might be to your dad might be another matter.

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