Bringing visibility to your transmasculine experience

Bringing visibility to your transmasculine experience

Trans guys are sexy, we should celebration to you, and you ought to give consideration to us as intercourse lovers.

That has been the message of our presence campaign—that we began about a decade ago—to bring exposure to your transmasculine experience. It had been a ride that is wild and it’s alson’t over. Since releasing the “Top 5 Reasons to bang a Trans Guy” and other campaign materials, we’ve gotten telephone calls and email messages from individuals all over the globe, have actually iterated our campaign, provided our experience at a worldwide HIV conference and established a extremely effective play events for trans individuals during the intercourse club Eros.

Suffice it to say—we’ve come a good way in ten years, but there’s still lots we have to do in order to bring trans guys front and center. Here’s just what we’ve learned as we’ve morphed our exposure campaign (message: “we’re here! ”) on the years into one that’s more dedicated to training and serving our trans community.

Top 5 reasons why you should bang a Trans man

The most notable 5 Reasons guide was a complete great deal of enjoyable to create. Niko developed the content, Loren developed the imagery, so we had a transmasculine designer that is graphic assisting regarding the task. (more…)