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FlashFire is the most advanced on-device firmware flasher available for rooted Android devices. It can flash full firmware packages from various manufacturers, as well as apply over-the-air and ZIP updates – all while maintaining root, and without using a custom recovery. It also offers full device backup and restore functionalities in several formats.

  • And the asking price is nearly twice that of the Tab S6 Lite; at this price, most people should get an iPad.
  • In this way, third-party modifications and games not purchased through the Steam Store can use Steam features.
  • There are other options for great password managers here and some free LastPass alternatives if the new, more restricted free version isn’t doing it for you.
  • There’s no doubt that this game is much better than any other Android or iOS game that we have so far.

You can download the free official WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator Android version directly from the Google Play Store. You can play the game for free download apk, and to unlock some powers you can either watch some ads, or pay a one-time purchase. To play the PC/Mac version you’ll need to download the installer and install the game somewhere on your drive. The Steam Link app is set to be released officially in the week of May 21, but the company has launched an open beta this weekend to test the service. Actually, in all seriousness, I’d rather play the mobile EVE mmo this way than via a mobile.

Xara Designer Pro X

It is one of the best free sketch apps which helps you to draw anything from your tablet or phone. This sketch drawing app allows you to share your artwork using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In fact, it’s so fast that even if you have Photoshop, you’ll often find yourself using Pixlr instead when you just want to make a few quick tweaks to your images. Perhaps realising this, the makers have recently added in an artificial delay of a few seconds when you save images, which can be removed by taking out a subscription.

You can customize your weapons like swords, bows, and other magical stuff. There is a skill tree system that enables your character to enhance its power. You can create different abilities for yourself to fight the enemies and reveal the mysteries of the world. Get into the huge community of gamers of Arcane Legends MMO. It is one of the most popular action RPG games for Android. You can join different leagues and make yourself a formidable opponent among other players. The game offers a huge range of customizations of your chosen hero’s skills and attributes. The game offers real-time multiplayer missions and co-op with player’s heroes in the PvE matches.

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Each of the three skill categories consists of skills that encompass foundational to advanced learning over the span of the course. Students need to develop, practice, and apply these skills in a variety of contexts. AP 3-D Art and Design is an introductory college-level three-dimensional design course. Students refine and apply skills and ideas they develop throughout the course to produce three-dimensional art and design.