New coatings for the Ground in the Flat

In case you decide to make repairs with your own hands, it is important not to have the necessary abilities, but also to choose the ideal floor covering. Now there are lots of materials, like linoleum, laminate, carpeting and others, and therefore you need to know what’s the ideal coating for the floor at the apartment.

Which flooring is worth choosing

To begin with, you will need to decide on the priorities of what’s ideal for your own apartment. Someone wants just a powerful and durable flooring, and someone pays particular attention to the look. Now produced an assortment of choices for flooring. Think about them in detail.


Such a floor has ever been popular. However there have been a few modifications in its laying. If each part needed to be placed individually, in the modern version are big boards, where the design of wooden planks is already made up.

Such a floor has always been popular. However there have been some changes in its own setting. If earlier, every part had to be placed separately, then it wasn’t needed.

There’s also piece parquet, with which fascinating decorations are shaped on the floor in the flat. It is constructed from walnut, cherry, beech, maple and other varieties of timber. The design is designed on the computer along with the number of information of every color is calculated. This type of parquet is costly and requires care.

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Parquet board

The floor material this contains timber, but its price is lower, and installation is simpler. Wide plank is created with a couple of layers of slats on top. There are variations with and without a chamfer. You are able to choose any shade you want or mix several, as designers prefer to do. The flooring could be repainted and scraped a couple times. Parquet flooring is much better to lay with the support of locking joints, because it’s not glued.

This floor material consists of wood, but its cost is reduced and installation is easier. Broad board is created with a few layers of slats on top. There are variations with and with no chamfer. You can choose any shade


Laminate is an inexpensive flooring, while being dependable and high quality. It recreates the pattern best of wood, rock, tile, etc.. There are also multicolored alternatives for laminate flooring (laminates) from the flat. You may also choose a pattern under the parquet, committed bevel. By the feel of this laminate floor is smooth and embossed, with coat against moisture. Set in addition to hardwood flooring.

Laminate is an inexpensive floors, while dependable and higher quality. It recreates the pattern best of wood, stone, tile, etc.. There are also multi-colored options


Carpets are carpets made from natural materials such as reeds, linen along with others. They’re anti-static, in different colours, shapes and sizes. Another plus of this material is a massage effect when walking.