Why security guards should be PSIRA compliant

Why security guards should be PSIRA compliant

As a business paying for a service, you expect the very best results and attention to detail. However this is not always the case and more commonly, slack service has become present in the Private Security Industry. With the amount of time it takes to undergo training, the heavy costs involved in the security training as well as the lengthily time it takes to complete a security check and register new security guards, more and more security guard candidates end up working for unregistered companies or go look for work in other industries. The lengthily wait often leaves them feeling desperate for work resulting in them turning towards an “easier” solution.

There are over 200 000 unregistered security guards working in South Africa. This means that there are hundreds of non PSIRA compliant security companies roaming the streets of South Africa. Even more worrying is the amount of unlicensed weapons that these non- compliant security guards and companies are handling on a daily basis. Residential Corporate Bodies too contribute this by hiring their own security guards who are not PSIRA registered. The consequences of this might not seem detrimental however the truth of the matter is that any non- PSIRA complaint business is liable to a hefty fine or a prison sentence of up to 2 years.

How do I register as a security officer?

In order to become a PSIRA compliant security officer it is vital that the correct training is completed. To represent a PSIRA compliant security company as per the clause in PSIRA 2001, it is absolutely critical that all training is completed by an accredited SASSETA training centre. Upon completing training, the security candidate will qualify with a Grade D. There are however various levels that are necessary to reach as one’s career in the security industry lengthens and responsibility increases.

  • Grade A (highest level of qualification)
  • Grade B (Managerial Level)
  • Grade C (Supervisory Level, may train for Cash – In – Transit, Armed Response and Special Events)
  • Grade D (Entry Level)
  • Specialist Training or Banking and Retail Industries

Many people seeking jobs as security guards fall victim to companies who pose as registered, PSIRA compliant businesses. Security training however is only recognised if it was received at an accredited training institution. These are randomly reported on and monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that all is in order.

The sad realisation of the businesses who are not PSIRA compliant is that they pay their security guards below minimum wage. This then results in security staff turning to crime. The reality of the situation is that in South Africa, there is a need for security companies. This gives the unauthorised companies a chance to open their doors to business, often persuading innocent business owners and landlords of their “valuable service offering.”

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5 Rules in safety and security

Safety is key to a warm and welcoming environment. It is important that you know and implement the following crucial tips and lessons in your home and business. Get security services tailored to your specific needs with your number one resource – people. On this post, we explore 5 non-negotiable rules in safety and security.

1 – People are your best resource:
It is well-known that having the best people work with you is half the job done on your quest to achieve great results in business and your personal life. And when it comes to your security, the right personnel makes all the difference on whether you remain safe or are exposed to criminal threats. Get the best people for the job, and you would have largely parried away the headache of having to watch over them all the time. Armed security guard companies need to put people first!

2 – Tailoring to your needs:
Unless a service is tailored to your unique security needs, any security guard and patrol services are not worth paying for! Take your time in choosing a company whose values match yours. Do a value match to determine if they prioritise what you consider to be of utmost importance in your organisation or home.

3 – Security and trust go hand in hand:
Would you do business with a security provider you don’t trust? Not likely! So, place security and trust in the same scale and demand of your security company to develop a high level of trust with your employees and at home, with your family. Another thing: if your gut feeling is not telling you to commit to a certain company, don’t settle based on their phenomenal marketing and PR. The company needs to excellently carry out its security guards duties and offer you peace of mind.

4 – How to be safe:
Get to know your neighbours and your local authorities. Nothing is as unnerving as an environment you are not familiar with. To solve this, be sociable with the people you share your neighbourhood with. They will be a support structure when you don’t feel safe or something threatens your safety. A security guard card will also ensure that access is controlled. Remember that the authorities are important and your keeping contact with them will go a long way in helping you keep safe. Lastly, use reputable security guards to help you along in providing maximum security.

5 – Best fit approach (rules and association):
Choosing a best-fit-approach works best, think of your children’s school. It is different from another school — so it deserves an approach suited to it specifically. School security guard training is crucial to us as well as our security guards holding an armed security guard license. And because our children often cannot protect themselves, the implications of having the wrong type of security guards are vast.

At Mentirho we run our operations according to the rules proposed by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). As a result of this, we see fit that we are sensitive to needs of the security guard association. Because our personnel takes care of you, we take care of them. The decision regarding your safety is an important one! Let us guide you through this process.

Industrial Cleaning: The facts about why it is important

Industrial Cleaning: The facts about why it is important

Often factories, warehouses, depots and other large industrial spaces are neglected when it comes to acute cleaning needs. Despite the fact that these areas might not receive as much customer traffic, it is imperative that they are maintained and cared for appropriately. Taking pride in industrial cleaning, Mentirho ensures that the industrial environment is safe, hazard free and hygienic.

Offering daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and once-off industrial cleaning services, Mentirho employs and trains staff to become specialists in selected cleaning areas. Our industrial cleaning staff ensure that each aspect discussed with the client is cleaned thoroughly. Some of these areas include:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ducts
  • Ceilings
  • Gutters
  • Pipes
  • Windows

Without knowing it, your industrial space could be becoming more and more of an unhealthy working environment. Take these influences into consideration:

  • Harmful carpentry wood dust
  • Water damage, causing mould
  • Carbon monoxide and combustion sources
  • Building materials that contain lead and asbestos

Environmental Hazards

Did you know that without knowing it, an industrial area can very quickly become a hazard zone for employees and all who work around and within the space? Gasses, dust, fumes, vapours and smoke are often the results of poorly maintained machinery and an unhygienic environment.

Biological Hazards

When not controlled and in many cases prevented, pests, mould, fungi, bacteria, yeast and viruses have the potential to severely influence the productivity with the business.

Using the very best environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products, we ensure that all surfaces are de- greased resulting in a safer working environment. Thorough dusting of industrial workspace, office space, machinery and outside areas is also provided as part of the overall service.

Whether you require a once off industrial cleaning service to ensure that your working environment is hygienically under control, or you would prefer more regular cleaning done, contact Mentirho for a free assessment of your industrial property and cleaning requirements.

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