Gold-digger confessions: Simple tips to secure a man that is rich

Gold-digger confessions: Simple tips to secure a man that is rich

How long could you head to obtain a rich guy?

Could you have sex with a person merely to remain in their pocket? Lose some weight, get yourself a nip tuck and gown to their taste? Plus in doing this, potentially offer a chance up at true love?

Some women toy with but never see through and others refuse to even consider for moral reasons it’s an idea.

Then again there clearly was a combined team of females who possess simply no problem whatsoever starting up with a person solely for his dough.

Phone them everything you want – “gold diggers”, “sugar babes”, “exploiters”, “opportunists” – they prey on guys with cash and achieve this without shame or pity.

A lady who says she’s dated her fair share of millionaires spoke to Information Corp Australia candidly about the good and the bad of entering a relationship for the money – and warned you better be willing to be “submissive”, expect competition and don’t try to help make the males modification.

Tracey ( maybe not her name that is real dating rich guys in her own social group whenever she ended up being 19 and soon after via date-a-millionaire-specific web sites

The college student from Queensland states she actually is drawn to rich guys because she never ever needs to be concerned about spending the bills.

“i simply find it appealing – some individuals like dark locks, some like blue eyes, I just such as a giant wallet, ” she stated.

Now in her own twenties, the bubbly blonde says she’s dated regular blokes “for the variety” but keeps on time for rich males.

“I keep in mind why i prefer up to now rich men, ” she says, laughing.

“There is often sort of persona that i prefer in rich males – the confidence to be in a position to care for you.

“There is 1950s housewife thing, i’m confident being that individual, I don’t need to worry about having to pay the bills. ”

Nonetheless it’s only a few peachy keen for ladies like Tracey that come right into these types of arrangements. (more…)