Industrial Cleaning: The facts about why it is important

Industrial Cleaning: The facts about why it is important

Often factories, warehouses, depots and other large industrial spaces are neglected when it comes to acute cleaning needs. Despite the fact that these areas might not receive as much customer traffic, it is imperative that they are maintained and cared for appropriately. Taking pride in industrial cleaning, Mentirho ensures that the industrial environment is safe, hazard free and hygienic.

Offering daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and once-off industrial cleaning services, Mentirho employs and trains staff to become specialists in selected cleaning areas. Our industrial cleaning staff ensure that each aspect discussed with the client is cleaned thoroughly. Some of these areas include:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ducts
  • Ceilings
  • Gutters
  • Pipes
  • Windows

Without knowing it, your industrial space could be becoming more and more of an unhealthy working environment. Take these influences into consideration:

  • Harmful carpentry wood dust
  • Water damage, causing mould
  • Carbon monoxide and combustion sources
  • Building materials that contain lead and asbestos

Environmental Hazards

Did you know that without knowing it, an industrial area can very quickly become a hazard zone for employees and all who work around and within the space? Gasses, dust, fumes, vapours and smoke are often the results of poorly maintained machinery and an unhygienic environment.

Biological Hazards

When not controlled and in many cases prevented, pests, mould, fungi, bacteria, yeast and viruses have the potential to severely influence the productivity with the business.

Using the very best environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products, we ensure that all surfaces are de- greased resulting in a safer working environment. Thorough dusting of industrial workspace, office space, machinery and outside areas is also provided as part of the overall service.

Whether you require a once off industrial cleaning service to ensure that your working environment is hygienically under control, or you would prefer more regular cleaning done, contact Mentirho for a free assessment of your industrial property and cleaning requirements.

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